UFO Park Strikes Back: Harassed by an Alien Abductee

So, as some of readers know, as my day job I research and profile properties as The Home Historian. On my business page, I post a regular stream of interesting and noteworthy properties.

This post from a few days ago caught sudden fire when it was noticed by Thomas Reed, lead “witness” and #1 merchandiser of the supposed “Berkshire UFO,” featured on Unsolved Mysteries and many other tv shows.

It’s no real secret that I find Reed’s story dubious, and I’ve written extensively on the holes and discrepancies in his accounts over the years. On this occasion, though, I literally never even mentioned Thom by name or was even talking about his alleged encounters, except for an oblique reference “years before the supposed incident at a Sheffield covered bridge.”

This, by the way, is not even a dig. It’s a history page. It IS supposed. I want to really stress this. There is no proof- by any measure of scientific, or legitimate historical scholarship- to the contention that Thom Reed, his family, or anyone else, was contacted or taken anywhere by extraterrestrials in the Berkshires. There is no consensus whatsoever among the scientific community or history scholars that such things even occur. Yes, I’m aware that some volunteers on the board of a tourism-hungry small town historical society (with no apparent capacity for research or critical thinking) issued a misguided proclamation that this encounter was historically “true.” However, symbolic votes by small town historical commissions are simply not how any scientific or historical facts are established.

Well, Thom apparently took great offense when he saw this Facebook post. He started simply enough, challenging my usage of the word supposed. Fair enough. I responded reasonably, and civilly, I believe.

He didn’t respond to my comment in that public forum, and instead began spamming me with multiple DMs. When I didn’t immediately respond (was actually home sick, in bed) he continued.

Following no less than 9 unsolicited messages in a row to my business page about something that doesn’t concern or particularly interest me, I blocked his ass. Eff that noise.

After this unmistakably clear message that further communication from him was not welcome, he called my phone and left a voice mail.

Then he not only posts my post to the Facebook group he maintains for his credulous groupies (which is fine), he proceeds to ostentatiously post screenshots of my business phone and contact info. Immediately some of his UFO buff fans start following my page. I left two comments in response, calling out this seemingly malicious tactic, but they were not approved. In response to my questions about why he appeared to be intentionally riling up his fan base to contact and troll me, Thom claims his new attorneys Nicholson & Associates have advised him “to start listing/posting said names and articles of any damaging or malice intent articles, on a website.”

Apparently my refusal to accept as gospel fact that Thom Reed met aliens when he was a kid is damaging, or malicious intent.


Of course, the irony icing over this whole cake is that Thom had every opportunity to engage with me and try to convince me, long ago in a more appropriate, public setting. A couple of years back, Thom Reed asked Jennifer Huberdeau at the Berkshire Eagle to recommend a local UFO expert to go on tv with him in some broadcast or other in his endless publicity tour, and she gave him my name. Perhaps knowing I have expressed great skepticism for his story, and have pointed out clear discrepancies in his accounts before, he declined to invite me.

More on Thom Reed’s very serious, important, “historically certified” work can be found via his YouTube channel:

A more comprehensive debunking of his Berkshire UFO story can be found here via the Skeptoid Podcast, #737.


Author: Joe Durwin

Berkshire-based writer Joe Durwin's "These Mysterious Hills" has run on a semi-regular basis for over than a decade, first in the former Advocate Weekly (2004-2009) and iBerkshires.com (2010-2015), along with his local history column Sagas of the Shire. His work on lore and mysteries of the region has also been featured in Fate Magazine, Haunted Times, the North Adams Transcript, as well as William Shatner’s “Weird or What” on the SyFy Channel, Jeff Belanger's "New England Legends," MSG Films’ “Bennington Triangle,” and numerous other programs for public television and radio.

One thought on “UFO Park Strikes Back: Harassed by an Alien Abductee”

  1. Joe, I have been threatened with lawsuits multiple times by Mr. Reed. At one point, he posted “media guidelines” for his story — guidelines that I refused to adhere to. Journalists were told, under the threat of litigation, not to use the words “abduction,” “spaceship” or “claims.” The historical society designation was issued in error by the then-executive director whom Reed pressured repeatedly. The clownish “proclamation” by Gov. Baker was also issued in error after Reed repeatedly badgered a staffer into producing it, according to Baker’s communication director, whom I interviewed. Reed’s goal is to get a movie deal, but so far no one is biting.


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